Audi A8 4,2 TDI Quattro
Pirmoji reg. 2010-08
Rida - 115000km
Variklis - 4.2 diesel 258kw
Greiciu deže - automatine, 7 pakopu, visu ratu pavara

Gamintojo irangos aprasymas:

1 1N7 E LEN Dynamic steering
2 1XX E LRA Leather trimmed multi-function
sports steering wheel w/ Tiptronic
3 2D4 E CWV Cd enhancing paneling
4 2MA E DAE 4-corner air suspension with
electronic shock absorption control, sports version
5 3FR E DEI Electric sliding/pop-up solar
sunroof with automatic pre-selection
6 3X1 E DLS Load-through provision with ski bag
7 3Y8 E SSR Electrically operated roll-up sun
screenfor rear window and for rear side windows
8 4D5 E KMS Seat ventilation/massage seat(s),
9 4E7 E SDH Trunk lid power closing
10 4F2 E TKV Central locking system "Keyless
11 4UF E AIB Driver's and front passenger air bag
with front passenger air bag deactivation
12 5TW E EIH Decorative inserts, Vavona wood
13 6G0 E CDW DVD changer

15 7HB E LUM Leather variant 1
16 7X8 E EPH Park distance control, front and
rear with rear view camera
17 8RY E LSE Speakers with BOSE sound
18 9AH E HKA Climatronic with second evaporator
and second heating system
19 9R1 E GEF With night vision system
20 9ZW E VTV Mobile phone preparation
21 C01 E COC Operating permit, alteration
22 GT4 E DEK Decorative aluminum strips
23 GZ2 E EST Door power latching
24 QF2 E BDH Receiver (car phone) in center
25 QQ1 E LCP With additional lights (interior
26 QU1 E TVE TV reception analog/digital and
digital radio reception
27 S0C E SNR Introductory volume
28 UJ1 E EMM Input medium for multimedia
29 VA2 E SLM With two bolsters
30 VC1 E GRT Remote-controlled garage door opener
31 VW8 E SSH Side and rear windows,
32 PCM G Assistance package including Audi
pre sense plus
33 PK6 G Auxiliary heating / ventilation with
remote control
34 PKB G Luggage compartment package
35 PL7 G Alcantara package
36 PNG G MMI navigation plus with MMI touch
37 PRK G Lightweight forged alum. alloy
wheels, 10 parallel-spoke design, partly polished, 9J x 20, w. 265/40 R 20 tyres
38 PS2 G Comfort sports seats package at
39 PXB G adaptive light including continuous
headlight range control
40 X0A G National sales program Germany
41 YBS G Control number 8
42 YBU G Control number
43 YCC G Start-up version C
44 A8S I AUS Standard equipment
45 G1G I GSP 8-speed automatic transmission for
four-wheel drive vehicle
46 K8B I KAR Notchback
47 TE5 I GMO 8-cylinder diesel engine 4.2 L unit
057. D
48 0F3 L KRS Fuel system for diesel engine
49 0FA L FAD Standard manufacturing sequence
50 0JZ L GKV Without determination of weight
categoryfor front axle
51 0LW L SIZ Special plates/stickers/ safety
certificates for Germany
52 0TD L ZFM Front and rear floor mats
53 0U2 L KRQ Fuel quality < 50 ppm
54 0VC L BTA Information kit in German
55 0W1 L AKZ Label for central electric
German-speaking countries
56 0Y1 L KLZ Standard climatic zones
57 0YZ L GKH Without determination of weight
categoryfor rear axle
58 1D0 L AHV Without trailer hitch
59 1EX L TYP Special identification plate for EC
for M1 passenger vehicle
60 1G5 L RER Space-saving spare wheel, same size
(same rolling circumference) as originalequipment tires
61 1KY L BAH Disc brakes, rear
62 1LJ L BAV Disc brakes, front
63 1PD L ABR Wheel bolts with anti-theft
protection (unlockable)
64 1S1 L BOW Tool kit and jack
65 1SA L TWU Without additional front underbody
66 1T3 L VBK First aid kit with warning triangle
67 1U0 L KLT Without table
68 1VJ L TWL Installation parts for
eight-cylinder engine
69 1W0 L KBX Without refrigerator/glove
compartment cooling system
70 1X1 L ATA Four wheel drive
71 2C7 L LSS Safety steering column with electric
axial and inclination adjustment
72 2K1 L SFS Reinforced bumpers
73 2KR L SAU Labels/plates in English and German
74 2T5 L DAT Without dual-view display
75 2V5 L FRI Fresh air intake system with
activated charcoal canister
76 2Z1 L TYZ Type sign at rear and "Quattro"
nameplates respectively
77 3B4 L ZKV Child seat anchor for child seat
system ISOFIX
78 4GQ L WSS Windshield in heat-insulating glass
79 4L6 L IRS Breakaway interior rear view mirror,
automatically dimming
80 4V0 L BSV Without front passenger seat
adjustment from the rear
81 5C0 L KSA Without special body measures
82 5D7 L TRF Carrier frequency 868 MHz without
panic button
83 5J0 L HES Without rear spoiler
84 5K5 L LAC Transit coating film with additional
transport protection measures
85 5SL L ASL Left exterior mirror: aspherical
86 5Z0 L VHS Without separate power seats rear
87 6E0 L MAS Without center armrest front
88 6F0 L DFO Without decorative films / emblems
89 6FB L BBO Body-colored exterior mirror
90 6Q2 L SAG Leather gearshift knob/handle
91 6TS L ASR Right exterior mirror: aspherical,
large viewing field
92 6V1 L HEB Rear trim panel (ECE)
93 6W5 L KZV Front license plate carrier
94 7AL L EDW Anti-theft alarm system, passenger
compartment control, backup horn and towing protection
95 7G0 L FVS Without preparation for VTS (vehicle
tracking system)
96 7JW L AED Vehicle class differentiation 4H0
97 7K6 L RDK Flat tire indicator
98 7L7 L SNA Regenerative braking with 12.5 V
99 7M1 L EIL Scuff plates in door apertures with
metal inserts
100 7MG L AGM Emission standard EU5
101 7P1 L LOR Power adjustable lumbar support in
102 8BP L HSW Bi-functional headlight with gas
discharge lamp
103 8K4 L FLS Separate daytime running lights NAR
104 8X1 L SWR Headlight washer system
105 8YQ L RAO Radio "HIGH"
106 8Z5 L MKU Not hot country
107 9JB L RAU Smoking package, ashtray front and
108 9P1 L SGK Seat belt reminder, electric contact
in buckle
109 9WC L AUD Without "Multimedia" in vehicle
110 9Z0 L BTR Operating voltage 12V
111 A00 L SAH No self-collection
112 A51 L HER Audi AG
113 AQ0 L QUA Standard-production quality
114 AV1 L LRV Driving on the right
115 B01 L TPL Type approval Germany
116 B0A L BLB Component parts set without
country-specific design requirement
117 DD2 L MOT 8-cyl. turbo diesel engine 4.2 L/258
KW TDI, BIT common rail Base engine is: TE5
118 E0A L AAU No special edition
119 EA0 L ASG Without subsequent warranty
120 EW0 L WAR Without maintenance contract
121 F0A L FZS No special purpose vehicle, standard
122 FA0 L SVO Control of standard production
123 FC0 L IND Without customized installation
124 FM0 L MDS Basic equipment variant
125 FQ0 L QGM Standard production wheels
126 GH2 L HAG Rear axle differential Torque
127 GS0 L APP Without applications
128 J0P L BAT Battery 580A (105 Ah)
129 L0L L LEA Left-hand drive vehicle
130 N5D L SIB Valcona leather seat covering
131 NT0 L TSP Transit coating (type 1)
132 NY0 L BGK Standard battery/alternator capacity
133 QR8 L KMP Without traffic signs recognition
134 U1A L INS Instrument insert with km/h
speedometer, clock, tachometer and trip odometer
135 UH2 L FSB Parking brake
136 V0A L REL Tires w/o specification of tire
137 VE0 L MSH Without vanity mirror, rear
138 1Z6 P KRM Increase in initial standard fuel
139 3PR P SIE Electric seat adjustment for both
front seats with memory system
140 4A4 P SIH Seat heater for front and rear seats
separately controlled
141 4QF P RSV 3-point seat belts front, with
electric height adjustment and memory system
142 5XH P SON Sun visors with illuminated vanity
mirror on driver's and front seat passenger's side
143 6M1 P GPS Tie down straps
144 6NN P HIM Alcantara molded headlining
145 6XL P ASE Exterior mirrors: with memory
function, automatically dimming, electrically foldable/adjustable/heated
146 7B3 P STD 12-volt socket(s)
147 7T6 P NAV Navigation system (MID)
148 7W4 P ESI With extended safety system
(Pre-Crash Basic, Front and Rear)
149 7Y1 P SPU Side Assist
150 8N2 P SWS Windshield wiper intermittent
control infinitely variable
151 8Q7 P LWR Headlight-range adjustment